Coaching for Individuals and Small Business Owners

Christ Centered Coaching will help you clarify, concentrate on, and complete your vision. “Vision without implementation is hallucination.”

What We Do

Christ Centered Coaching brings uncommon wisdom and knowledge to small business owners and individuals. We do not sell any products and  have no hidden agendas. We are here to give professional advice at an affordable price. We are here to help you and your business operate at a peak level. Sometimes all you need is to talk to someone whose only agenda is listening and helping you.

Observing and Accountability

Coaching is a combination of observing and accountability to help an individual or business operate at peak performance based on their abilities. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who does not have any agenda other than listening to you and helping you!

Todd Larson CFP, APMA
Larson, Reynolds and Associates, Fort Wayne, In.

Our Mission Statement

To bring uncommon wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the individual, small business owner, self-employed and manager.

Jim was very instrumental in the success of our business. He helped Mark and I see where our values were and established a business on that. Thanks for pointing the way!
Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the small business owner. As a fellow CFP, I very much valued his understanding, both financially and emotionally, in the area of business succession and continuity planning. He was extremely helpful in our transition to retirement.
C. Don and Michelle Ladd, CFP, Nashville, TN
Even in my 30 years as a small business owner, there are really only a handful of people that I can say are my “go to” people. One of those special people is Jim Wyrostek. I have relied on his discernment and his ability to clearly identify issues- and have come to expect a concise, honest response. A super added plus is that Jim”s focus, like mine, is that he knows where his wisdom comes from.
When I hired Jim I thought I was going to go through some extreme business planning and find something out that would explode me through the ceiling to the next level. While I certainly received great business coaching that was different than anything I had been through, what I actually received was something much more important. First, I gained a friend, because Jim doesn’t do anything without a relationship. Then, I was led to Christ…again. I thought I was already there, but after several very important conversations, I realized that I didn’t truly have a relationship with Jesus. It was those moments that were outside of our business coaching environment where Jim spent his own time to lead me to a more fulfilling spiritual relationship with Christ. He will tell you that the Spirit did all of the work. While that may be true, I know that the Lord worked through Jim to allow the Holy Spirit back into my life. Thank you Jim…I will forever be in your debt.

Profitable Sales Training & Team Building Workshops

“Through the methodology we use, with precise assessments and tool kits, we will bring clarity, focus and action to help you address your specific concerns. We will help you pursue your purpose with passion and persistence.”

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Communication… what is it? (Part 2)

Research has shown that from 55 to 65 percent of our communication is nonverbal. That means we need to pay attention to skills we can learn that communicate warmth and attentiveness through nonverbal communication.

Communication… what is it?

Webster’s definition of communication is to transmit information, thought or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood, to open into each other or make connection.

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“Please Give Me Success This Day”

PSALM 35:27 Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.

God takes pleasure in the success of His servant!

This should be your prayer
before your feet hit the floor every morning;

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Please, Give Me Success This Day by Jim Wyrostek

“Journey Into Wholeness”

A Strategy to Partner With God’s Heart to Walk Into Wholeness.

Knowing God and becoming who God says we are is our desired destination as we move forward on our journey into wholeness.

Journey Into Wholeness is a strategy to partner with God’s heart to walk into wholeness. It describes how a local church demonstrates pastoral care by addressing foundations of practices and principles for taking care of the soul – our inner wellbeing. Ministry to the soul affects physical healing as well. We endeavor to minister to the whole person as we grow in our understanding of God’s provision for us in Jesus Christ.

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