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What is a Marriage Coach?

christ-centered-coaching-temp-35A marriage coach comes alongside a couple to help them reach their potential in their marriage. Marriages are a fundamental building block to our society and a Christian marriage coach will hold couples accountable to Biblical standards. There is really no education available on how to be a spouse; A marriage coach will help couples stop and think how to be better and present new skills to maximize their potential. Not every marriage needs a Marriage Counselor, but every single marriage benefits from a Marriage Counselor.

We can hold and facilitate workshops on any topics below:

  • Profile for Love Language
    • by Gary Chapman
      The 5 Love Languages® profile will give you a thorough analysis of your emotional communication preference. It will single out your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect with your loved one with intimacy and fulfillment.
  • Getting to the Heart of Loving Relationships
    • by Les Parrott, III, Ph.D.; Leslie Parrott, Ed.D. & Tim Clinton, Ed.D.
      Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, along with Dr. Tim Clinton, describe the benefits of beginning and sustaining a successful Marriage Mentor program. Strengthening couples is one of the most important functions of the Church and is often seen as a key to growth. Properly caring for, and feeding, the marital relationship is an essential goal of effective marriage coaching.
  • Coaching Couples in Spiritual Intimacy
    • by Dan Allender, Ph.D.
      Life-long marital satisfaction requires that couples move beyond sexual and emotional intimacy to become true soul mates. There is a spiritual bond and a deeper sexual and emotional intimacy that uniquely evolve when two people mature in marriage over the course of a lifetime. Acclaimed author, Dr. Dan Allender, reveals these wonderful secrets.
  • The Seven Desires: A Foundation for Healthy Relationships
    • by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.
      This session examines seven basic needs with which men and women were created. When life sours or love goes bad, people often begin searching for false substitutes. Many will be sexual in nature and are as powerful and destructive as any other addiction. Dr. Mark Laaser discusses how to overcome the things that can fuel sexual sin, allowing for healthier choices to be made when meeting the needs of the heart.
  • Coaching Couples in the Five Love Languages
    • by Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
      How a couple communicates love and care for one another makes a difference in any relationship. Noted author, Dr. Gary Chapman, weaves together definitions of the various threads and languages of love that need to be integrated into the tapestry of a flourishing, lifelong marriage.
  • Personalities and Differences: Building on a Couple’s Strengths
    • by John Trent, Ph.D.
      God gives each spouse in a marriage certain strengths and attributes for a divine purpose. Dr. John Trent shows how these strengths can help enrich and grow a marriage, as well as assist coaches in their assessment and goal setting. Four predictable areas of personality and conflict that most couples face are also discussed.
  • Coaching Couples in Good Communication
    • by Norm Wright, M.A., M.R.E.
      Good communication is a critical skill necessary for any successful marriage. Norm Wright, often described as the “ambassador” of marital communications in the Church, explains how couples can talk together—to really listen to each other and know that they are being heard. These elements allow couples who are stuck to begin growing closer and work together to solve whatever problems arise in their shared lives.
  • The Core Essentials: Creating a Marriage Two Die For
    • by Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
      Great marriages usually don’t happen all by themselves, but often require two committed people who have purposed in their hearts to create one. Marriage expert, Dr. Eric Scalise, outlines seven keys to assist coaches in helping couples learn how to make the right investments in their marriages: capacity, goal-oriented, time, perseverance, consistency, sacrifice, and accountability.
  • Coaching Couples in Safe Haven Marriages
    • by Sharon Morris May, Ph.D.
      Safety and trust are critical elements for any healthy marriage. This solid foundation helps create an environment of acceptance and nurture without the negative recourse or ridicule that infects so many marriages today. Dr. Sharon May has spent years studying these kinds of relationships and shares her experience in helping couples achieve a safe-haven marriage.
  • The Fear Dance: Helping Couples Manage Conflict
    • by Greg Smalley, Ph.D. & Erin Smalley, M.A.
      Disagreement, disappointment, and conflict in any close relationship are inevitable, especially a marriage. The heart of conflict is when spouses begin pushing each other’s emotional buttons. Dr. Greg Smalley and his wife, Erin, share how these reactions produce fight or flight responses that can become destructive. Strategies for good conflict resolution are also discussed.
  • Cents and Sensibility: Helping Couples Manage Money
    • by Scott Palmer, B.A. & Bethany Palmer, B.A.
      Money and other financially-related issues are a major source of conflict in many marriages today. Financial consultants, Scott and Bethany Palmer, are a dynamic couple who describe the different money personalities and how to navigate these differences in marriage. Practical tips for managing money without damaging the marital relationship are offered to assist life coaches in their work with couples.
  • The Necessary Nine: Staying Happily Married for a Lifetime
    • by Dan Seaborn, M.A.
      Marriages may be blessed in heaven, but they are lived out on this side of eternity. Hard work and commitment are important to the success of any couple. Dan Seaborn lays out nine core essentials that will help coaches: cherishing attitudes, financial security, sexual satisfaction, time together, genuine friendship, physical attraction, emotional connectedness, home harmony and the Cross of Jesus Christ.