Team Building

Our team building workshops are essential to your business success. We will sit down with each member of your team and help you put together the most effective, efficient and well oiled machine to serve your customers or clients. We will help you articulate and implement your vision with your team so that everyone is operating in one accord.

Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions include our reality checks, an introduction to coaching, business planning, leadership, sales, profit and loss management, managing people sessions, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and life coaching as it pertains to finances. We offer these sessions on a monthly and quarterly basis.

We offer our one-on-one coaching both monthly and quarterly, in person, on the web, or by phone. We provide services that are convenient for you.

Level the highly competitive field for your business with sales training from Christ Centered Coaching. Our team building and individual workshops are essential to your companies continued success.

“The turtle will always finish the race.”
“You are free to choose whatever you want to do, however you are not free to choose the consequences of your decision.”