Christ Centered Coaching Fee Schedule

Our objective is to keep our fees as low as possible by keeping our costs to do business low.

With a minimum of over 150 years combined experience, our fees are reflected in our knowledge and wisdom, not brick and mortar or marketing and advertising expenses. As mentioned in our notice of understanding, all fees will be discussed before any engagement or arrangement is agreed upon.

Hourly Rate: $125 to $350.
(depending on engagement)

Phone or Web Coaching/ Mentoring*
Hourly Rate is $75./ minimum 3hrs.

Retainer Information
Monthly at $600/Month
Quarterly at $550: $1650/Qtr
Yearly at $500: $6000/Year

Retainer includes:
Minimum of 4 hours one on one with coach every 3 months.
Minimum of 1 hour phone sessions in between quarterly meetings (Or as needed!).
Written assessments as far as strengths and areas of improvement.
Accountability assessments.

We also offer group discounts for 3 or more participants.

Depending on arrangement, there may be a charge for travel and lodging expense.
However, this would be discussed before any engagement.

All fees are to be paid in advance.

* Some mentoring may have no charge.

To keep our expenses down, so we are able to offer these low fees, we do not accept credit cards directly.

We will take checks, Paypal (Credit Cards through PayPal), or a quick pay from your bank to ours.

” Vision without implementation, is hallucination”