You Are A Leader Most people will take on leadership roles sometime during their life. I am not just talking about the role of a CEO, pastor or president of an organization. I’m saying, if you are a father or husband, you have a leadership role. If you are parents or a single parent, you have a leadership role. If you run a small business or even a sole proprietor, you have a leadership role. Like it or not, you are or soon will be a leader. Leadership is everything to the success of your home, business or church. A family, business or church can rise only to the level of the leader’s effectiveness. The bottom line is as a leader, you are 100% responsible for the good, bad and ugly of your enterprise. Period.!!! The task of a leader is to get people from where they are to where they have never been. (Henry Kissinger) As I said before, a leader is a dealer in hope. How would you define leadership? Based on your definition, can you improve your leadership effectiveness? A leader creates clarity and the right conditions to succeed.

Clarity makes your life easier and reduces confusion, wasted time and energy. Clarity also minimizes interruptions and allows everyone to make better informed decisions. King Solomon, who is one of my mentors, says in the book of Proverbs “that without vision, you will perish.”. What is meant by perish, is you will flounder. However, you alone won’t flounder but everyone you are responsible to and for will flounder … Wow!!! That means if I am a husband and father and I do not have some sought of vision for my wife and family, we all will flounder.! Tossed to and fro….. “Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive the vision to completion.” (Jack Welch) Take some time and ask yourself what you need to do to be more effective at creating a vision for yourself, your family or your business. If your group would like to sponsor a leadership workshop, I would be happy to put it on at no-charge. Just let me know… Lead with vision but always remember that vision without implementation is hallucination!